Gymhandskar - RDX AURA T-17

299 kr

RDX nya Aura-serie.

Building gym gloves for bodybuilders is no simple task. Heavy lifting comes with plenty of pressures, hence you will need a gym partner to support you and alleviate some of the load. The Aura weightlifting gloves are designed to maximize each set, rep and exercise minus the bad hygiene and callouses. Bring out your inner reserves of strength when you can’t push any further. Let your true aura shine.

  • Patent Kalix Skin ensures durability and reinforced seams guarantee overall protection for hands
  • Shock resistant. Suede on the palm allows for cushioning and padding against impact while offering a vice-grip against weight or bar of choice.
  • Inner-Aura fabric feels good against the skin while wicking sweat away from it for dry comfy training.
  • Quick EZ Hook and Loop makes it easy to put on and remove, while also supporting the wrist
  • Amara fabric provides additional grip maximizing each rep regardless of the training activity.