Boxningshandskar - RDX A2 BBBofC Approved Pro Fight Boxing Gloves

2 599 kr

1 300 kr

To lead the pack you need to be ahead in the game. Foam laminated cowhide leather is handcrafted and stitched to perfection using high-quality nylon thread stitching with Korean satin lining on the inside. The result, is a pleasantly sturdy glove that feels sublime on the inside with a snug fit to protect your fist. Lace up cuff with EVA padding offers more than wrist-stabilizing prowess, it also protects the wrists for maximum protection against blocked shots. BBBoC approved and ready for war, all you need to do is tie up those laces, get your head in the game, and handle business like a pro.

  • Authentic cowhide leather is foam laminated for efficient knuckle protection and durability that protects the shock-absorbent center of these pro boxing gloves
  • High-density PU mould with compressed EVA padding. Calibrated impact diffusion SHEET with foam padding further enhances shock-absorbency
  • Thumb with EVA padding is paired with foam to protect it from possible injury from improper punching form
  • EVA padding throughout wrist area and foam padding within the cuffs offers wrist-to-fist protection
  • Polyester laces, water-resistant nylon thread stitching and Korean satin coupled with the wrist design offers a pleasant punching experience