Kroppsskydd - RDX M1 Mark Pro Body Protector

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Every fighter’s favourite training tool and a coach’s best friend, the RDX Chest guard Mark Pro delivers ultimate protection and tactile feel for intensive trainings. High-quality rib guard construction from premium materials offers optimal density for protection during Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and BJJ training. The ergonomic design of this body protection armour compromising on mobility. A combination of Super Skin and L’orme Skin leather covers the exterior of this martial arts chest protector to provide a relatively smooth yet sturdy striking surface with long-lasting durability. Non-abrasive dazzle fabric inner ensures your body remains cool and comfortable during those gut-wrenching workouts. Contoured, split padding design with multi-layered protection soaks up impact from hard hits and equally distributes force across the surface to keep your, ribs, chest and belly safe. 

  • Front split design with Super Skin (Golden) and L’orme Skin provides long-lasting resilience and acts as a buffer for hard-hitting blows
  • Dazzle Fabric inner lining soothes the body, ensures breathability and prevents sweat from accumulating
  • Calibrated Impact Diffusion SHEET offers multiple layers of foam and gel in-lining serves for maximum shock absorption
  • Shoulders padded with Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam and Sponge X PADDING offer an unbreakable of protection that that greets every strike with softness and dissipates impact
  • Durable PVC buckle and nylon strap keeps the gear in place while providing freedom of movement and easy application.