Innerhandskar - RDX X7 Bishop Inner Gloves

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Outclass your opponents with our authentic Maya Hide under gloves; designed to give you the edge, whether you’re going toe-to-toe in combat, or training with heavy bags. Forget hand wraps; we’ve combined an 8mm slab of Shell-Shock™ gel with over 10mm of compressed foam padding to ensure maximum shock absorption abilities. Neoprene finger webbing and a padded palm bar give an unstoppable combination of flexibility and grip, allowing these gloves to fit snugly under your boxing gloves. Let nothing stop you from delivering the ultimate blow. These versatile gloves can also be used without boxing gloves, making them the perfect partner for speed ball training, and are even suitable for light grappling, thanks to their lightweight but grippy design.

  • Shell-Shock™ gel with EVA-LUTION™ foam absorbs impact like no other inner glove
  • Constructed from high quality Maya Hide leather for unparalleled durability, and career-long performance
  • Wide Quick-EZ™ hook-and-loop strap makes kitting up easy, and also gives your wrists the support they need to land devastating punches
  • Four different sizes available to suit nearly any athlete
  • Multi-discipline gloves can be used as a boxing aid, training gear and even as MMA gloves for light grappling