Shorts - RDX Thaiboxning R3

349 kr

175 kr

Kickboxing and Muay Thai shorts, cut to diamond strength with a colour-retentive satin so its vibrancy never fades.  These high-tech shorts feature moisture wicking abilities to keep you dry, reinforced stitching to offer amazing durability, a wide waistband for an excellent fit, and a smart anatomical profile to give you maximum flexibility and movement when faced with fast-moving opponents. Available in white with bold embossing, these Muay Thai shorts will help any fighter stand out like a champ.  

  • High-tech moisture eliminating properties to help wick away sweat during fights or training
  • EnStren™ cloth technology and reinforced stitching for diamond durability
  • Multi-channel 4” elastic waistband to allow for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Anatomically sound design for best bit and freedom of movement in the ring
  • Stylish blue, red and gold detailing with embossed ‘Pure Fighter’ tagline and RDX® logo