Lyftkrokar - RDX W15

259 kr

Once you're hooked, you won't find anything better! RDX's new, hi-tech neoprene wrist strap with heavy duty red-oxide and non-slip coated hooks were designed for weak grips, taking the load off the hands and transferring it to the wrists, lower back, and shoulders to maximize your lifting experience with each rep. Made using durable neoprene and padded on the inside for shock-absorption; the nylon strap measures 24.5cm x 5cm and is easily adjustable with Quick-EZ Velcro srap and heavy duty hook and loop buckle. Make the most out of each lift by targeting all the appropriate muscles.

  • Long-lasting and highly durable Neoprene material coupled with polyestic nylon feels great against the skin during those intense lifting sessions!
  • Neoprene coated wrist-straps are padded to cushion against pressure and absorb shock without zero slip or budge
  • Palm-strap is ergonomically designed to fill in the spaces between the weights and your hands to allow firm grip and better lifting technique
  • Quick-EZ Velcro closure enables easy on and off application and adjustability options to efficiently place or tighten strap around wrist to your desired comfort
  • Treated with HG-Rust formula, the hook and loop makes it easy to strap on or off without hassle