Pullupbar - RDX X1

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A pull up bar of iron strength to enhance your workouts. This versatile pull up bar is suitable for boxing training, bodybuilding, strength training and more. Wall mounted to take up to 150kg in weight, it’s virtually unbreakable. Designed with advanced grip for safety and ease of use, made to a universal size to fit all, made of bomb-proof steel and reinforced with anti-corrosion formula to resist wear and tear, and electroplated for long lasting power, this pull up bar is a workout wonder. All weather performance and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Exclusive RDX® bomb-proof construction chin up bar to take up to 150kg in weight
  • Grip Flex™ padding for improved comfort and a solid grip for the user
  •  Universal bar diameter of 3.175cm perfect for all hand sizes  
  • Anti-corrosion treatment for all weather use and to prevent rust
  •  Electroplated high grade steel for incredible durability and resistance against wear