Speed Ball - RDX Rope PRO

229 kr

Engineered for flexibility, these double end bag floor to ceiling straps offer agile rope movement to help enhance technique whilst being extremely safe and secure. With highly elasticated tethered straps, you can train with maximum mobility. And the rubberised texture offers an unbeatable grip whilst the added adjustment blocks allow you to resize and tighten easily. Plus the multidirectional movement is ideal for boosting coordination during training. Comes with 2 hooks and all the necessary fixings for super quick installation.

  • Highly flexible tethered straps for smooth and agile cord movement
  •  Designed with rubberised bungee cords for superb grip
  •  Includes 2 hooks and fixings for easy attachment to floor and ceiling     
  • Adjustment blocks on both ends for a tight and secure fixture
  • Multidirectional rope movement for developing hand-to-eye coordination